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To help you deliver on your mission, MIP Fund Accounting is a configurable fund accounting solution that allows you to report and track information most important to you, your board, and your supporters.

MIP Fund Accounting gives you the freedom to build a customized system to meet your specific needs while maintaining the flexibility to add modules as your organization grows.

Unlike commercial accounting systems, Abila MIP Fund Accounting addresses the specific needs of nonprofit and government organizations, from tracking and reporting on individual funds from multiple sources to complying with FASB/GASB and other reporting requirements. Recently voted as Best Overall Nonprofit Accounting Software by accounting managers nationwide, Abila MIP Fund Accounting is the financial management solution preferred by non-commercial organizations like nonprofits and local government agencies for planning and managing budgets, maximizing grants, and producing accurate customized reports.


MIP Fund Accounting affords you the ability to:

Remain Flexible - As your accounting, human capital management, and payroll needs change, MIP can adapt and grow alongside you.

Be Analytical - Report and track information that is most important to your board, your organization, and you.

Customize - Your general ledger can easily track specific grants, funds, and programs with an unlimited amount of segments.

Make Informed Decisions - Track budget processes for each of your grants, funds, and programs to make forward-thinking decisions using "what-if" scenarios.

Be Prepared - Breeze through your audit process and meet your financial accounting requirements quickly with FASB and GASB reporting standards already built into the product.

Empower Employees - Payroll and employee records, like time sheet history and pay information, are easily accessible and can be managed by your employees.

Stay Current - Choose to be hosted in the private cloud for maximum data security and anywhere access, or select on-premise, depending on your needs and wants.

Connect - View account balances, access reports, perform quick tasks, and make informed decisions on your mobile phone or tablet.




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Accounts Payable -

The Accounts Payable module is used to centralize all vendor information and automate 1099 production. To help create a streamlined process, your Accounts Payable transactions will simultaneously update vendor accounts and the General Ledger.  Reporting is easier because you can pay vendors from multiple cash accounts.

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Accounts Receivable Reporting -

Accounts Receivable Reporting allows you track all revenue streams while managing their information.

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Accounts Receivable Reporting, Billing, and Sales Order Entry -

Accounts Receivable Reporting allows you to track all revenue streams while managing their information.  Accounts Receivable Billing helps create invoices, request payment, manage prepayments, and create customer statements.  Invoice as often as needed with the flexibility to create custom billing cycles.  Sales Order Entry allows you to streamline your entry process and easily record sales transactions.

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Advanced Security -

Promote accountability and reduce fraud risk with Advanced Security Organization Audit. Simplify the audit process with comprehensive reporting capabilities and protect sensitive information with database encryption. When multiple users access MIP, Administrators can limit confidential information, like employee salaries or other department budgets.

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Allocations Management -

Perform complicated allocations in a single mouse click with accuracy and consistency.  Flexible reporting allows you to view the impact of your allocations prior to accepting them into your General Ledger.

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Bank Reconciliation -

Improve cash management by closely monitoring bank balances and transactions using the Bank Reconciliation module.

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Budget -

Use the budgeting module to empower strategic decision making in your organization. Create an unlimited number of customized budgets for any time frame including cross year budgets. Enforce those budget controls with a single click, and activate warnings when at risk of overspending.  Forecast and create "what-if" scenarios to ensure a strong financial position for your organization in the future. See how transactions will affect your outstanding budget in real time as they are created with a budget view available directly within transaction entry.

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Data Consolidation -

Consolidate information from local chapters or field offices to create organization-wide aggregate financial reports.  Data consolidation also serves as a tool to help create comparative reports for different offices as well.

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Data Import/Export -

Use the Data Import/Export module to eliminate time-consuming duplicate entry or to reduce errors from manual data entry.  Users can also facilitate the transfer of information into MIP Fund Accounting, such as general ledger entries from outsourced payroll or other systems and accounts receivable information from specialized billing systems.

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Direct Deposit -

Give your employees the convenience of electronically deposited pay including the option to deposit their pay into multiple accounts automatically with each pay check.

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Electronic Fund Transfer -

For accounts payable users, this module allows you to improve cash management. Control when vendor payments are drafted from bank accounts and reduce costs associated with postage and check stock.

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Electronic Requisitions -

Improve the availability of information for pre-purchase decision making with Electronic Requisitions.  Review the impact of current requests with our one click budget checking tool. Requisition request status changes will notify you directly from your email. Approve or reject requisitions directly from your mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device.

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Employee Web Services - 

Streamline timesheet entry and provide employees and managers 24/7 web access to their pay stub, benefit information, and other important employee messages.  Many timesheet entry preferences are available including the option to record hours by multiple cost centers.  Allow Human Resources teams to focus on managing employees rather than handling mundane information requests.  Employee Web Services provides a seamless and secure integration with the Human Resources and Payroll modules for a completely integrated solution.

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Encumbrances -

Easily reserve funds for planned expenditures or commitments and improve your tracking and compliance for reporting. Include encumbrances on financial reports and within the budget checking tools in MIP to measure true budget performance.

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Executive View License -

Provides executives with the ability to collaborate in the budget preparation process and frees your accounting staff from running and distributing reports - all without the cost of purchasing full software sets.

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Fixed Assets -

Track assets, easily calculate depreciation, and automatically generate depreciation and disposal entries in the General Ledger. Quickly enter new assets using Quick Asset Entry, when recording purchases in Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursement, or Purchase Orders.

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Forms Designer -

Make each and every document coming from your organization look professional such as billing statements, check stock, and purchase orders. Create custom preferences such as manager signatures automatically included on checks under a defined value.

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GASB Reporting -

Specifically designed for government organizations, the GASB Reporting module includes the tools needed to easily create GASB-compliant reports.

Government Financial Management Overview


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General Ledger -

Track financial information in a way that works best for your organization using a flexible, segmented chart of accounts. The General Ledger tracks cash receipts, cash disbursements, journal vouchers, and other financial transactions. The General Ledger also provides you with an easy to use report writer directly within the application.

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Human Resources -

Streamline your payroll process by making updates and changes to employee information from directly within the Human Resources module. Integration between your payroll and MIP product provides quick and easy HR reporting (including FMLA and EEO) and tax form population. Employee data including certification, education, review dates, and benefit plan adjustments is easily and efficiently tracked.

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Inventory Control -

Maintain complete control over your inventory and internal supplies to keep your inventory flowing smoothly with strong reporting and up to the minute verification of available quantities.

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Multi-currency -

Maintain and report on an unlimited number of active currencies, rates, and rate types to create and process transactions. Enter invoices in one currency and pay in another and produce translated financial statements using this FAS 52-compliant module.

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Payroll -

Produce timely and accurate pay for the employees who keep your organization moving forward. Generate fully allocated accounting entries, and keep comprehensive employee records using the payroll module.  We stay up to date on tax rates so you don't have to. Stay fully tax compliant with paper and eFiling options for both State and Federal forms.

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Purchase Order -

The Purchase order module combines easy-to-use purchase order entry with strong reporting and integration with Accounts Payable to offer a complete purchase order software solution with seamless functionality. Stay within your budget using one click budget check.

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Scheduler -

Automate the reporting process with the Scheduler module. Set extended reports to run at midnight so as not to interfere with printer use in the daytime. Bind groups of reports together and set them to run when needed or on a recurring basis.

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