“The staff at ABS is very accessible, professional, and knowledgeable.  They have been willing to accommodate our needs within our financial means. The technical team at ABS has always supplied fast, efficient support. They are very prompt with returning calls when we have problems and their product expertise, customer support, and service are wonderful!” - Sharon R., Accountant for the Arc and INSIGHT

Products Designed with ARCs in Mind:

Customer Profile:  The Arc and INSIGHT Streamline Accounting with TRAVERSE

ABS Implements TRAVERSE Accounting Software to Help Nonprofit Serve Disabled and Their Families
For individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the Prince William County, Virginia, area, The Arc of Greater Prince William/INSIGHT, Inc. (The Arc) and Incentive for Normal Social Interaction – Group Homes Today, Inc. (INSIGHT), provide residential services, child care, vocational services, recreational activities, family support and training. The not-for-profit organizations advocate for the dignity and rights of each individual.
The Arc and INSIGHT serve individuals with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the community and receive services that will maximize their greatest potential.The Arc and INSIGHT provide a diverse array of services in multiple locations and employ 200 people, so tracking the income, donations and expenses for each program can be complicated. To simplify the task, they rely on the expert services of Applied Business Services (ABS), a software solutions firm dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations streamline their accounting processes.
For over 20 years, ABS has supported the Arc and INSIGHT by providing customized software solutions and IT technical assistance. When the ABS team saw the organizations' services evolving and needs growing, it recommended upgrading their accounting system to TRAVERSE Not-for-Profit (NFP) software.
Accounting software designed for nonprofit needs
TRAVERSE Not-for-Profit (NFP) software from Open Systems, Inc. gives nonprofit organizations a robust set of accounting and financial reporting features that are easy to use. TRAVERSE NFP includes Fund Accounting functions that enable organizations to improve financial management practices, enjoy flexible reporting, and track expenses more efficiently.
One of the first differences that most users notice when they switch to TRAVERSE NFP is how much time it saves key members of the organization, especially the accounting staff. The General Ledger can accommodate unlimited funds, programs, grants, activities, departments and divisions all in one place, and the Accounts Payable module is completely integrated.
“We use TRAVERSE on a weekly basis for accounts payable. It is easy to use and has made paying our invoices very easy and uncomplicated,” reports Sharon Ross, Accountant for the Arc and INSIGHT.
Flexibility and easy customization helps match technology to the mission
TRAVERSE NFP makes it very easy to create accurate, timely, and organized financial statements that will help the board manage its operations more effectively. The system includes FASB 117-compliant standard reports designed to help nonprofit organizations analyze financial information in a meaningful way – by individual grants and programs, or as a whole.
Specific nonprofit reports include:
  • Statement of Activities
  • Statement of Functional Expenses
  • Compare Revenue & Expenses to Budget
  • Revenue and Expense by Grant/Program
  • Statement of Financial Position

"TRAVERSE has the flexibility to accommodate our many locations and cost centers, and enables us to provide financial statements to our board members in a timely manner," Ross says. "ABS helped our organizations write specific reports for our board."

TRAVERSE is entirely customizable, which allows ABS to adapt the programming to accommodate the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. “The ABS staff has been able and willing to customize our company’s many requirements for financial statements for our Board of Directors. This has saved us a lot of time,” explains Leslie Smith, a CPA and accounting supervisor for the Arc and INSIGHT.
With Information at their fingertips, year-end closing is faster and easier.
For any accounting team, year-end closing can be a real headache. For nonprofits operating on a calendar year, it can be even worse - year-end processing can occur in the midst of the busiest fundraising and giving season. Easily accessible accounting data and proper reports can make all the difference.
"TRAVERSE software has made year-end closing very easy and uncomplicated," Smith reports. "It is easy for us to close the year and then come back and enter any audit adjustments without any problems."
Partnership with ABS ensures support and training to maximize software value
For the Arc and INSIGHT, the partnership with ABS has been integral in maintaining an efficient and functional accounting system. ABS has specialized in helping nonprofit organizations develop effective information systems for over 30 years. ABS has worked with the ARC and INSIGHT for over 2 decades.
“The staff at ABS is very accessible, professional, and knowledgeable," states Ross. “They have been willing to accommodate our needs within our financial means. The technical team at ABS has always supplied fast, efficient support. They are very prompt with returning calls when we have problems and their product expertise, customer support, and service are wonderful!”
Arc and INSIGHT personnel appreciated the personalized, on-site training sessions with the ABS team to learn how to implement TRAVERSE for maximum efficiency. “ABS personnel came to our location to train us which was very helpful,” shares Ross. “We would recommend ABS to any nonprofit organization.”
The flexibility of TRAVERSE software allows ABS to ensure that nonprofits have the tools they need to provide the right people with the right information when they need it. With the support from ABS, the Arc and INSIGHT personnel can spend less time crunching numbers and dedicate more resources to fulfilling their mission: Providing opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities to achieve their greatest potential growth and independence.



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