M. Hinkle, CFO of Eastern West Virginia Community Action Agency (EWVCAA), found that preparing for an audit became simpler, reducing the preparation time by approximately 4-5 months. "MIP made it cleaner to run a report on any one of these fiscal years. It has made us more organized and everything is up to date."

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Get ready for a true Fund Accounting™ software package that can help your organization achieve its mission! Abila's MIP Fund Accounting™ software can help your CAA demonstrate better compliance and financial transparency, proving good stewardship to your grantors and community.

Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting allows you to:

  • Track functional expenses across multiple programs and funding sources
  • Create and monitor budgets specific to each program
  • Easily generate reports on individual programs and funding sources over varying time periods
  • Enforce effective internal controls

Success Story: EWVCAA succeeds with Abila MIP Fund Accounting and ABS

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For more information, call 1-800-451-7447 or click here.

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