ABS serves on the NJAMHAA Technology Advisory Council and has twice been awarded the IT Hero Award.

Providing mental health and substance abuse recovery services and counseling for families and children, Behavioral and Mental Health Agencies already have to deal with many challenges - why make it harder with an incomplete financial software solution?  ABS can help you find a software solution that allows you to:

  • Easily and effectively monitor, manage, and report on your programs.
  • Easily create reports for your internal and external audiences, report on programs, units of services, or by provider of service.
  • Integrate your clinical billing and/or payroll system to eliminate unnecessary duplicate data entry.
  • Allocate your overhead costs easily and consistently using the allocation basis your organization chooses.
  • Create budgets at the Grant or program level to effectively monitor your programs and generate budget scenarios to project possible funding challenges for the future.


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Success Story: ABS Helps Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. Serve Clients

Each year, thousands of people turn to Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., for help in coping with life’s biggest challenges. The New Jersey based not-for-profit organization provides a range of therapeutic counseling, residential, and rehabilitation services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

More than 250 employees dedicate themselves to delivering the highest quality of care to the communities they serve. To help as many people as possible, it is essential to create cost-effective operations. For decades, a strong technology plan has helped Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare save time and focus on what matters most – their clients. They use software solutions to automate nearly every aspect of the organization, from accounting, to human resources, and client services.

“We’ve used TRAVERSE solutions from Open Systems for more than twenty years, with good results,” says finance director Joe Swasey. “It’s very easy to work with – we process our payroll entirely in-house, and also use TRAVERSE for our Accounts Payable and General Ledger to produce Financial Reports.”

For technical support, customization, and training, Joe and his colleagues rely on Applied Business Services, a solution provider specializing in software for non-profit organizations. ABS serves on the Technology Advisory Council for the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA) and works with dozens of New Jersey based mental health organizations. Twice NJAMHAA has recognized ABS for excellence in customer support and service with an “IT Hero Award”.

“If we run into any problems with the software, they are ready to help,” Joe reports. “I have needed to go in and process payroll myself on a couple of occasions when our payroll administrator was unavailable. Recently, I called ABS to get help with year-end W2 processing. They walked me through each step of the process. They really know the software inside and out.”

In addition to selling, implementing and supporting non-profit software solutions, including TRAVERSE by Open Systems, ABS also develops custom software modules and integration utilities. Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare uses the Human Resources and Not For Profit (NFP) modules developed by ABS for the TRAVERSE system. Additionally – the Budget Matrix, and an Accounts Receivable integration link to MS*Health.

A large portion of Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare’s funding comes from a grant by the State of New Jersey. To support the oversight required by this grant, Joe must provide the State of New Jersey with regular financial reporting. ABS is helping Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare automate this process with their budget matrix applications. Without the automation, hours of preparation go into each statement.

“To complete this task today, I have to manually key all of the entries from a trial balance,” explains Joe. “This is very time-consuming, but ABS has developed a tool that will completely automate this data transfer. The Budget Matrix utility will save me a lot of time.”

The Budget Matrix module is an import/export application that allows TRAVERSE to import budget number from the New Jersey Approved Contract budget and export the Traverse Actual amounts to the R.O.E. worksheet. This eliminates significantly the tedious hours of data entry.

For Accounts Receivable, Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare uses CMHC by MS*Health, a specialized solution designed for behavioral healthcare providers. Though the solution is well suited to their unique accounting needs, it cannot transfer data to TRAVERSE. Currently, Joe produces monthly AR reports and cash receipts manually. To automate the process, ABS developed an integration link between TRAVERSE and the AR module in MS*Health to streamline the process.

“This new integration will save hours at the end of every month,” Joe anticipates. “It’s time I could really use to focus on other objectives.”

Working together with ABS, Joe expects to continue automating processes that will save time and increase productivity for the finance staff.

“ABS knows how to help us get more from our investment in technology. I would highly recommend them to other non-profit organizations.”


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