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Customer Profile: Friends Aware solves its reporting needs with Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software

Friends Aware is a non-profit charitable organization that provides individualized support to persons with developmental disabilities.  It offers a wide variety of programs including residential, vocational, and respite services to enhance the lives of the people they serve by helping them live and workin the community as independently as possible.

Travis Beeman, Financial Director, was looking for an accounting software system with easy-to-use features and solid reporting capabilities. Frustrated with the limitations of their antiquated system, Beeman called on Applied Business Services, Inc. (ABS), for their expertise in implementing the right software to do the job.

ABS, founded in 1981, specializes in providing nonprofit organizations with accounting and fundraising solutions developed for their unique needs. Recognizing the organization's growing need for customized reporting, ABS recommended the Abila MIP Fund Accounting software.

ABS is an authorized Abila Business Partner and operates a National Certified Training Center for Abila MIP Fund Accounting and Abila Fundraising 50 product lives at their office headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting offers and affordable solution for nonprofit agencies looking to streamline their accounting processes.  MIP Fund Accounting was built from the ground up to manage, track and report funds and grants the way nonprofits really need.

Making the change

Beeman is pleased with the MIP Fund Accounting software. He says that with ABS, the two-day implementation "went very well,"  He took advantage of the training services ABS offers at its headquarters and attended a four day course. For Beeman, one of the most beneficial aspects of the training course was that he was able to take what he had learned from Sharon Crowley, Senior System Implementer at ABS, and teach his fellow colleagues back at the office. 

Beeman reports that he was comfortable using the software from the very beginning.  He praises the program's ease of use and states, "It flows well. Each navigation page shows you the flow on what you are supposed to do."

Right away, he was impressed with the significant decrease in time it takes to complete daily tasks. He happily reports, "The software has made my job easier!"

Solid reporting capabilities are a must

For Friends Aware, flexible reporting makes all the difference in their operations.  Beeman is delighted with the ability to import and export reports to Microsoft Excell. He finds the custom reporting features "very helpful in creating board reports." He also likes the ability to customize any report.  He notes, "The filter reports tab helps create the financial statements we need.  The import/export feature and month end reporting feature has saved me time."

Payroll operations have improved as well.  Beeman is satisfied with the payroll functionality and says, "It is much better than our original software." He finds it easy to generate the reports he needs to send on to their consulting firm.

Partnering with ABS

One of the most important aspects of an accounting system is finding a partner who is knowledgeable and can be relied upon.  According to Beeman, ABS is a partner that is "friendly, respectful, and always there willing to help you out."

Beeman takes advantage of Abila's MIP support hotline for his general telephone support calls. He calls on ABS to order checks, envelopes, and other forms.  He appreciates the positive attitudes of the employees at ABS.  In addition, he contacts Sharon Crowley for other product questions.  he compliments her professionalism and states, "Sharon always answers my questions about MIP Fund Accounting and additional software products in a timely manner."

Simply put, Beeman says, "ABS knows their product.  They know what they are doing."

Reducing expenses in the future

In today's economy, overseeing expenses is becoming more critical than ever, and it starts with choosing the right accounting system.  Beeman feels confident that with the capabilities the MIP software offers, he will be able to prepare in- house their financial statements and depreciation schedules and transition away from relying on their outside auditors.  As for right now he says, "The software has made my audit easier to deal with.










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